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  Issue I : April 2008
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From the team's desk...



It gives us immense pleasure to bring forth CHEMCOS - the first ever publication of the Chemical Society, IIT Delhi. Aimed at the specialist and the layman alike, CHEMCOS is a platform for dissemination of scientific knowledge. By emphasizing on the chemical causes of all natural and artificial phenomena occurring around us, CHEMCOS embodies the cosmos of chemistry in an unbiased and popular approach. In its current form, CHEMCOS comprises Scientific Verses, In focus and Personalities. Scientific verses aim to provide an in-depth introduction to various areas of scientific research. In focus offers a peek into interesting developments in science – read this space for news and trivia. Stalwarts from various spheres of research share their experiences in Personalities.

            The first issue of CHEMCOS is dedicated to late Prof. U K Nadir. Prof. Nadir served the Department of Chemistry, IIT Delhi for almost three decades between 24th January 1978 and 27th September 2007. He was trained in organic chemistry and made seminal contributions in the field of aziridine synthesis. Besides, he was a methodical and much – loved academician. Tathagata Mukherjee, an alumnus of IIT Delhi (M.Sc. batch 2004) remembers Prof. Nadir in this issue. Dr. Shailesh Upreti (PhD, IIT Delhi 2007) whose name is well associated with the crystal structures that have been solved at institutions in and around Delhi over the last few years, gives us a look into the fascinating world of X-ray diffraction.  Jency Thomas, one of our current PhD students, provides us a perspective into designing materials of contemporary interest.  Also showcased in this issue is a lesser known application of Tetraamminecarbonatocobalt (III) nitrate – a compound prepared in gram quantities every year in our M.Sc. laboratories. Last but not the least; Prof. Gautam R Desiraju expresses his views on his research, Indian science and more.

            As this first issue gears up for a formal release, we look forward eagerly to the days ahead. Conceptualizing and starting CHEMCOS has been exciting. Deadlines have come along and gone by, but one thing that has remained unflagging and only grown during this period is the enthusiasm of the working team. We wish to make CHEMCOS a quarterly journal and encourage science enthusiasts to contribute to it.

Happy Reading!!

The Journal Team

Anupam Kumar Chakravarty
Chandan Kumar Choudhury
Jency Thomas
Kaustubh R Mote
N Rangarajan
Narayanan Kurur

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