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 CHEMCOS Journal of The Chemical Society, IIT Delhi
 Issue II : July 2008
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I surfed through CHEMCOS and I feel that it is a good initiative. I wish all the success to this e-journal.

Prof. B. M. Bhanage
Professor of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Institute of Chemical Technology

I feel extremely happy as I congratulate your team for starting this e-journal, first of its kind at IITD. It offered a wonderful reading experience with the range of topics covered and the way they have been penned.

I especially enjoyed reading the Personalities section which featured Prof. Desiraju's candid but inspiring interview.

Miss. Anushree Kamath
Graduate Student
Joseph Fourier

It's really good! I like the way you've picked papers from good journals by Indian authors!.

Miss. Angika Basant
Biological Sciences
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

I received the first issue of CHEMCOS and it was a nice read.

Dr. Chandrabhas Narayana
Chemistry and Physics of Materials Unit
Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research

It is wonderful initiative to popularize science and scientific writing.

Mr. Manoranjan Kumar
Solid State & Structural Chemistry Unit
Indian Institute Of Science


Do send us your feedback/suggestion at chemcos.iitd@gmail.com

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