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 CHEMCOS Journal of The Chemical Society, IIT Delhi
 Issue II : July 2008
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From the Team's Desk...

T he first thing that we pondered over after our inauguration in April was the promise of release of our forthcoming issues. We feel very happy as it was more of an enjoyment gearing up for this one than a responsibility. CHEMCOS strives to bring the various advancements in the world of chemistry in a reader friendly manner.

For this issue, we had the opportunity of meeting up with a like minded individual. He’s 13 year old, lives in California and has already delivered a plenary lecture at the ACS General meeting, this year. Anshul Samar’s claim to fame is the world’s first Chemistry based board game – Elementeo. For more on it and some exclusive pictures of his game cards, read our cover story. Dr. Shantanu Ghosh sheds light on his exciting area of research underlining how magnetic resonance techniques could unravel the interplay of neural metabolisms. A report on a novel hydrogel from IIT Delhi has been penned down by the person credited for its creation. There’s more to know about the future of the electrolyte industry and a thermoreversible rubber which tells us that it’s not only ice cubes that relegate. The Personalities is a tribute to one of the pioneers of natural product chemistry in India – Prof. T R Seshadri.

This issue has been a heady mix of things and we are happy to be on time for it. Our team saw an expansion with Parvez & Prabhat coming in. Mangal was the architect of the cover page, sincere thanks to him. We have received some encouraging feedback for our first issue from around the world which has led us to introducing an entirely new section in our journal –‘Reader’s Platform’. It is a showcase of our reader’s opinions and we at CHEMCOS would like it to be a forum for discussion among our readership. With your continual support and feedback at Reader’s Platform, we strive to do better. You can mail us articles, interesting anecdotes which you feel could be a part of this Chemical Society magazine and they shall be duly acknowledged. For all the above, just drop in a line to chemcos.iitd@gmail.com.

The Journal Team

Anupam Kumar Chakravarty
Chandan Kumar Choudhury
Jency Thomas
Kaustubh R Mote

Narayanan Kurur
N Rangarajan
Mohd Parvez Alam
Prabhat Kumar

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