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 CHEMCOS Journal of The Chemical Society, IIT Delhi
 Issue III : November 2008
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From the Team's Desk...

W e live in a world that is increasingly being driven by the advancements in science and technology. A lot has changed in the three months since the last issue of CHEMCOS was released. Chandrayaan, India’s first mission to the moon, was launched with ISRO’s unique and rapidly developing space program. The announcement of the Nobel Prize in Medicine for work on HIV–AIDs further points out to the influence of science on the way we live today. In the backdrop of the current economic crisis, then, it will not be wrong to say that renewed focus on the use of science by way of developing areas such as renewable energy resources will go a long way in ensuring a stable and sustainable world.

But the place where this all begins is the classrooms and labs in Universities and Technology centers where future researchers and technocrats explore new fields and learn to understand the issues involved. CHEMCOS was started as a platform for science enthusiasts to share their ideas and opinions and help in the dissemination of scientific knowledge. We bring out this third issue with the hope that it provides you a peek into the fascinating world of inventions and discoveries.

In this issue, Ashutosh Jogelekar, a graduate student at Emory University, USA writes about the development and use of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance as a tool for the development of anticancer drugs. Bharti Porwal and Prabhat Kumar, both students of M.Sc. Chemistry at IIT Delhi, give us a look into a new design for a material that was inspired by a sea cucumber. The In Focus section covers (uncovers, rather!), among other things, an article on the Melamine scandal in China, which had resulted in milk poisoning cases. Prof. Herbert W. Roesky shares his ideas on science and philosophy in Personalities. In addition, we also have a special report on the proceedings of the 74th Annual Meeting of the Indian Academy of Sciences that was recently held in IIT Delhi.

We also introduce the CHEMCOS BLOG with this issue. Readers from all around the world will now be able to give instant feedback on the articles as well as suggestions for future issues. It will also serve as a place for everyone to discuss current issues in science. This is a step further in our constant endeavor of making CHEMCOS a user friendly and an interactive platform for scientific debate.

Lastly, CHEMCOS welcomes its newest members — Subrata, Bharati and Vikas. We hope that the team grows rapidly and with help and suggestions from the readers, we will be able to improve CHEMCOS with each issue.

To contribute to CHEMCOS, write to us at chemcos(dot)iitd(at)gmail(dot)com. Hope that you have as great a time reading this issue as we have had putting it together for you.

The Journal Team

Anupam Kumar Chakravarty
Bharti Porwal
Chandan Kumar Choudhury
Jency Thomas
Kaustubh R Mote

Narayanan Kurur
N Rangarajan
Mohd Parvez Alam
Prabhat Kumar
Subrata Batabyal
Vikas Saini

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