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 CHEMCOS Journal of The Chemical Society, IIT Delhi
 Issue IV : June 2009
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From the Team's Desk...

W hat started a year back as the outcome of an amateurish desire to find a place on the web has grown steadily, albeit slowly.

This issue of CHEMCOS looks back at what the Chandrayaan launch means to Indian science and research. Our Scientific Verses segment starts with an attempt to shed light on the rhythmic nature of natural processes. The chemistry of Insulin mimetics is highlighted in another article. A report on the recent breakthrough of a hybrid inorganic-organic benzene sums up what was the holy grail for organometallic chemists for almost half a century. The In Focus segment carries a short note on what could be the next generation of light directing materials. The not-so recent presidential elections in the United States has already seen a major shift in science policy. It remains to be seen if the appointment of academicians to important positions in the advisory council of Obama's government has any far-reaching effects. In Personalities we bring to you excerpts from an interactive session with Prof. P Balaram, director, IISc Bangalore; on science and science policy in India.

The delay in the publication of this issue of CHEMCOS is regretted. We look forward to providing an inspiring scientific read in the coming days as well.

The Journal Team

Bharti Porwal
Chandan Kumar Choudhury
Jency Thomas
Narayanan Kurur
N Rangarajan
Prabhat Kumar
Vikas Saini

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